The WineJump story

Everybody says cheers!
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We always felt like somebody took a big sip of our wines without asking. We decided to change that by starting WineJump

WineJump is founded by wine lovers and friends Thomas and Marco – with support from a number of brilliant wine loving people from different walks of life.

WineJump is the only marketplace in Europe that seamlessly connects wine lovers directly with a large number of wine estate cellar doors. Wines ship directly from the cellar door, saving you all costs that are otherwise always added between the winemaker at the cellar door and your glass. That means great wines for less.

Beyond saving, WineJump offers a unique opportunity for also boutique wine estates to present their passion and their great wines to a larger European market. To wine lovers this provides unprecedented access to handcrafted rare wines.

Last but not least, WineJump is unique by managing all requirements related to customs clearance and duties – and this both for the wine estates and for the wine lovers. Zero hassle, no effort needed. Nobody does it like WineJump.

Today WineJump connects wine estate cellar doors in France, Germany, Italy and Spain to wine lovers in seven European countries. More wines estates are joining our community every week and soon WineJump will offer access to cellar doors also in Austria, Greece and Portugal. Also, during 2020 WineJump will expand to ship directly from the cellar doors to wine lovers in more than 10 European countries.

Some refer to WineJump as the future of great wine. We call it buying wine the way it should have always been – simply, by walking up to the cellar door.

Welcome to WineJump. We are super excited to have you here! If there is ever anything we can do to make WineJump better for you please let us know.

The future of great wine

Great wines for less

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